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FLAT-FEE ESTATE PLANNING:  Our flat-fee estate plans include an initial consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney, preparation of all necessary documents and a signing appointment with the same attorney.
WHY YOU SHOULD PLAN:  Having an estate plan prepared by one of our experienced attorneys ensures the smoothest transition of assets to your heirs.  Anyone with more than $150,000 in gross value of assets should have a comprehensive estate plan to distribute your estate as you desire for the care and use by your loved ones, without the need, stress, and expense of probate.
OUR GOAL:  We care about our clients and strive to provide the highest quality of estate planning legal services expected by our clients.  Our goal is to create life-long clients through being accessible, responsive, and attentive to our clients' needs which includes being transparent with fees.

Revocable Trusts

A revocable trust is an effective tool to avoid probate.  It provides the grantor the flexibility to use trust assets while living and directs the distribution of assets upon death.  


A will is another document that can direct how assets are to be distributed upon passing.  A common misconception however, is that a will avoids probate - it does not.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney grants rights in someone to act on behalf of another person.  These are most commonly used for financial and contractual rights and obligations. 

An advanced Healthcare Directive is a special type of power of attorney for health decisions only.

Healthcare Directive

Property transfer documents include business assignments, personal property assignments, and deeds to real property.

Property Transfer Documents

Comprehensive estate plans typically include a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directive, and Property Transfer Documents.  You will be advised of effect of each of these documents on your estate plan as a whole.