Commercial Secured Transactions

At Zahbihi & Watkins we advise our clients of the legal implications of transactions before they obligate themselves, their property, or their company to the transaction.  From lien perfection on personal property to negotiating contracts secured by real property, we represent parties in all aspects of commercial secured transactions.  Whether assistance with a decision to borrow money secured by business equipment, purchasing personal property or real property, or collecting on a debt owed that is secured by personal or real property, we advise clients on their full rights and obligations related to the transaction so that the client may make a fully-informed decision.



Real property title issues can be complex and confusing.  Our Attorneys have experience dealing with real property title issues, real property lien perfection, non-judicial foreclosure, judicial foreclosure, and deficiency judgments.  We represent creditors in commercial collections actions recovering client funds through the foreclosure of transaction collateral.  The firm has also represented clients in perfection of mechanic’s liens, judgment liens, and deficiency judgments.  The firm also represents parties in real property sales transactions, successfully negotiating, documenting, and closing the best deals for our clients.



Commercial transactions involving personal property are subject to the California Commercial Code, and may be leased, purchased, or used as transaction collateral to ensure the performance of an obligation on a contract.  We advise clients on the legal ramifications involved with personal property transactions.